Chateau in Shroud

Chateau in Shroud


Signature Series  - Limited Edition

   Each piece in this limited edition series captures the raw, untouched beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat, showcasing Jayden Daniels' dedication to authenticity and ethical photography.

Printed on the highest quality canvas and available in three sizes, these gallery-wrapped artworks bring a moment from the wild to your wall. Each artwork is hand-signed and numbered by Jayden, ensuring its uniqueness. Included is a certificate of authenticity that shares the captivating backstory of each image.

Limited to just 19 editions per image, these artworks promise exclusivity and are sure to elevate any collection.  

'Chateau in Shroud' 

      "Chateau in Shroud" reveals the mighty Castle Mountain cloaked in a veil of low-lying clouds, its snow-capped peaks sharply contrasted against a pure white sky. This black and white panoramic image captures the serene yet powerful essence of the Canadian Rockies.

To achieve this breathtaking view, 55 individual photos were taken with a telephoto lens, each frame meticulously captured to ensure precision. The dynamic nature of the clouds added an element of challenge, requiring swift and skillful shooting to maintain consistency. These images were then seamlessly stitched together, creating a single, expansive panorama that showcases the grandeur of Castle Mountain in incredible detail.

This uniquely captured image preserves the beauty of one of Banff National Park's most iconic mountains, inviting viewers to marvel at the intricate details and expansive vistas of this renowned Canadian landmark.