Out of the Mist

Out of the Mist


Signature Series  - Limited Edition

   Each piece in this limited edition series captures the raw, untouched beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat, showcasing Jayden Daniels' dedication to authenticity and ethical photography.

Printed on the highest quality canvas and available in three sizes, these gallery-wrapped artworks bring a moment from the wild to your wall. Each artwork is hand-signed and numbered by Jayden, ensuring its uniqueness. Included is a certificate of authenticity that shares the captivating backstory of each image.

Limited to just 19 editions per image, these artworks promise exclusivity and are sure to elevate any collection.  

'Out of the Mist' 

     In a fog-laden landscape, a lone bison emerges with quiet strength and resilience. The image, "Out of the Mist," captures this majestic creature as it faces the elements, pushing forward through the dense fog. Its powerful form materializes from the mist, symbolizing endurance and fortitude.

The bison’s steady gaze and unwavering stance convey a deep connection to its environment, reflecting its ability to navigate and thrive amidst nature’s challenges. This evocative scene invites viewers to witness a moment of pure perseverance in the wild.