Touch Gloves

Touch Gloves


Signature Series  - Limited Edition

   Each piece in this limited edition series captures the raw, untouched beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat, showcasing Jayden Daniels' dedication to authenticity and ethical photography.

Printed on the highest quality canvas and available in three sizes, these gallery-wrapped artworks bring a moment from the wild to your wall. Each artwork is hand-signed and numbered by Jayden, ensuring its uniqueness. Included is a certificate of authenticity that shares the captivating backstory of each image.

Limited to just 19 editions per image, these artworks promise exclusivity and are sure to elevate any collection.  

'Touch Gloves' 

      In the rugged heights of the Canadian Rockies, two titans of nature stand on the precipice of conflict. These bighorn sheep rams, each bearing horns that curl with the weight of years and the wisdom of countless challenges, engage in a timeless ritual before their impending clash.  

 Their bodies are tense yet composed, their eyes locked in unwavering gaze as their horns gently touch in a show of mutual respect. It is a gesture rooted in primal tradition, where dominance and survival hinge on displays of strength and strategic prowess.

This moment of respectful acknowledgment, akin to the "touch gloves" ritual in human combat sports, signifies more than a mere prelude to battle. It is a display of the intricate social dynamics and hierarchical structures that govern bighorn sheep societies.

As viewers contemplate this piece, they are invited into a world where the laws of nature unfold with both grace and ferocity. It is a glimpse into the delicate balance between conflict and cooperation, where even in the face of battle, a moment of mutual understanding and respect prevails.